Rookwood Resource Ltd

Who We Are

A small company dedicated to providing our clients with quality solutions based on a philosophy of simplicity in design and robustness in use.

We’re fully aware that whilst we design and build your solution you may want to support and maintain it in house.  To that end our philisophy of simplicty of design together with quality documentation, both internal and external to the products gives you the assurance that your systems can be easily maintained by your staff.

We don’t just build what you ask us.  We validate your requirements against 10+ years of experience and if we feel you could do things better with a different approach, we won’t be afraid to tell you!

Our staff have experienced work at blue chip companies in the UK and abroad on a variety of projects from large scale implementations of ERP systems, through multi-platform MQSeries projects, to small scale bespoke extensions to systems.


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