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Below is the CV of  key member of staff to show the capabilities of our company

Graham Smith

  • 10+ years experience on IBM iSeries (formally As/400)
  • 2 years WInNT, WIn2K
  • 3 years experience of MQSeries implementation.
  • 2 years use of MQSeries Integrator V1.1 & V2.
  • 10+ years design and development experience with BPCS
  • Comprehensive knowledge of RPG/CL/SQL
  • Working knowledge of C language and Unix

    With Rookwood Resource

    GlaxoSmithKline - BPCS to SAP data migration
    Graham provided Functional Design and Functional Test documentation for the MERPs project at GSK.  Working with the data mapping team, Graham developed specifications for data extract and transfer programs.  In addition functional testing was performed.  As a pharmaceutical company GSK require strict adherence to defined methodologies and accuracy of working to satisfy FDA requirements.  A role for which Graham was well suited.

    H.J.Heinz Ltd - European Business Model Project
    Graham spent 12months +  working with H.J.Heinz to implement MQSeries and BPCS for their European Business Model project.  Utilising MQSeries across multiple platforms: iSeries, WinNT, Unix (HP-UX & AIX), C programs and IBM’s MQSeries Integrator V1.1 (Neon) disparate systems were linked together.
    Graham’s role started initally in the design of the MQSeries Architecture and implementation of proof of concept work and especially in the design of ‘C’ wrapper functions to the MQSeries API which enabled rapid development of ‘C’ programs for different purposes and provided a central/standardised error logging process.  In addition Graham designed the standards to be used for object naming within the MQ area.
    Graham then moved into interface design and build work using MQSeries and MQSeries Integrator.  The major interface linking the mainframe based DCS Order Entry system to BPCS Entry utilised several technologies; XCOM file transfer, C programs to load data to MQSeries, MQSeries Integrator to reformat data and As/Set based programs on iSeries together with BPCS Semantic Message Gateways to provide the iSeries input to BPCS.  Much of the consultation and implementation/testing work took place on-site in Milan.

    H.J.Heinz Ltd - National Distribution Centre Project
    As a result of the success of the EBM systems that Graham worked on we were asked to participate in the Heinz Northern Distribution Centre project.  Again a multi - platofrm implementation but using an Oracle database as a central data repository.  Graham evaluated MQSeries Integrator V2.01 for Heinz and this tool was adopted for development.  Again Graham took a lead role in development and setting standards which were adopted by the rest of the development team.  A key design point was the error processing which took validation and MQ error messages and stored them in XML format together with an XML translation of the original flat format inbound message in the Oracle DB.  The XML tags then gave internal documentation to the message which simplified identifation of data that produced validation errors.  Using Oracle forms a screen was created which enabled data to be ‘fixed’ if required and the message re-submitted to MQ.

    Coutauld’s Textiles C&U Warehouse Project-
    Courtauld’s had no prior MQSeries knowledge but due to the expected multi-platform requirement were happy to accept a recommendation to use the MQSeries software.  The concept was to link several outlying BPCS and non BPCS systems to a central warehousing system. The central system was to be BPCS running the warehousing functions only. Two RPG based MQ wrapper programs - one for send and one for receive - were written to ease programming for the multiple interfaces. Systems were implemented to allow automatic receipt and processing of MQSeries message based data from the outlying systems.  For the Rs/6000 AIX platform simple ‘C’ programs were written to receive the data into work files whilst notifying staff of the data arrival.  MQSeries was installed and configured on several iSeries (OS/400) machines and an RS/6000 (AIX) box.

    Bestfoods (Now Unilever)
    Bestfoods was another major BPCS implementation.  Graham’s role was focused on use of the Inventory Management Semantic Message Gateway.  This required configuration of SMG worlds etc.

    Reckitt and Colman
    Major European BPCS implementation.  Graham assisted the users in development of their modification requirements and provided a technical interface to to the various system suppliers.  Graham also provided support to Intergation testing and sense checked design documents from  the various system suppliers.

  • Perstop Warrite - Shop Floor processing and Reporting suite.
  • Catalyst Solutions - Various clients.
  • Prior to Rookwood Resource

    From 1993 to 1997 Graham worked for S.C.Johnson Wax Professional, implementing and supporting multiple BPCS installations including the mutli-company, multi-currency Northern Europe system covering Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia. 
    Responsible for the design and build of a central logistics system linking the French and Northern Europe systems to a central warehouse solution and third party Warehouse Managment and Distribution provider.
    Graham EDI enabled the S.C.J BPCS systems and subsequently selected and implemented a Y2k compliant EDI system.
    In addition Graham developed MS Access/Visual Basic based tools for Dunning Credit management and an internal IS Helpdesk.


    1989 - 1993 Graham worked for the well regarded Pacific Associates Ltd involved in the close relationship with SSA Europe’s developmet centre.
    Responsible for the design and build of a wide variety of client software including a Batch Order Entry system that was subsequently included in the base BPCS product from versions 3.1 to 5.2. A key member of the team that converted BPCS from RPG to As/Set
    Graham was well regarded in SSA for his knowledge and skillset.




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